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GMC Envoy   09 Ford Focus   03 Dodge Ram   05 Chevy Trailblazer
06 GMC Envoy
14,900 or $3000 - 100/wk
09 Ford Focus
14,900 or $3000 - 100/wk
03 Dodge Ram
13,900 or $4000 - 125/wk
05 Chevy Trailblazer
13,900 or $3000 - 125/wk
04 Dodge Ram SLT   02 Ford F150   97 Olds Bravada   Ford Taurus
04 Dodge Ram SLT
15,900 or $4000 - 125/wk
02 Ford F150
9,900 or $1000 - 100/wk
97 Olds Bravada
4,900 or $1000 - 60/wk
02 Chrys T&C
9,900 or $2000 - 80/wk
02 Ford Focus   03 Pontiac Grand AM   02 Chevy Venture   05 Ford Taurus
02 Ford Focus
5,900 or $1000 - 75/wk
03 Pontiac Grand AM
7,900 or $500 - 85/wk
02 Chevy Venture
8,900 or $1000 - 85/wk
05 Ford Taurus
7,900 or $1000 - 300/mo

A young woman from Monroe, Michigan walked in to the car lot office and it was obvious she was sizing up the place and the staff.  After just a moment she walked slowly back to the owner’s desk, stopped short about 10 feet away and blurted out that she was a waitress at a local restaurant, a single mom with a 12 year old, her credit was not good, and she had $1500.  Her body language clearly indicated that she was expecting rejection.  Was there a car for her?

Without hesitation, Brad, the owner, stood up and approached her, pointed out the window at the 3 vehicles he could put her in, and assured her that as long as she had the down payment and a job, he could provide her with a car.

After she left I asked Brad how he could do the deal without a credit check, a co-signer, or some kind of security.   He told me that, because she was honest and didn’t play any games, he would do his best to work with her.

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